Cupcakes, Cupcake-Minis, Cake Balls, Cake Pops, and Cakes

Apple: Sweet-tart granny smith cinnamony apples mmmm...one bite takes you back to an earlier time topped with rich caramel drizzle.

Banana: Fresh banana cake with creamy vanilla or decadent chocolate frosting.

Birthday: Yellow cake with a unique blend of custom flavors to celebrate any special day with a fluffy white birthday cake frosting.

Black Cherry: Chunks of cherries and chocolate chips make this rich Devil's Food cake moist and wonderful with a creamy chocolate frosting.

Black & White: Dark chocolate cake with vanilla or cream cheese frosting.

Blue Velvet: A blue sweet southern-style light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

Carrot: Walnut studded carrot cake with cinnamon, pineapple, spices, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate: Rich and moist Chocolate cake with chocolate or cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Chip: Vanilla cake and frosting both chockfull of chocolate chips.

Cookies-n-Cream: Vanilla cake chockfull of chunks of your favorite cookie sandwich and frosting sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Five-Flavor: Pick your 5 favorite flavors for sweet, moist and fluffy pound cake made with the freshest ingredients.

Key Lime: Florida Key limes create sweet-tarty goodness with key lime or cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs.

Lemon: A moist and zesty citrus cake with lemon frosting.

Orange Dreamsicle: Fragrant orange cake with orange frosting.

PB&J: Double-sweet combination of peanut butter & jelly cake with peanut butter frosting.

Pineapple: Moist pineapple cake with cream cheese or buttercream frosting.

Pound: A wonderfully rich and buttery cake with a lovely golden brown crust, hints of vanilla and a few secret ingredients make this cake "dreamy" available glazed and in variety of flavor combinations.

Red Velvet: A red sweet southern-style light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

Strawberry: Pure strawberry cake with delightful strawberry frosting.

Strawberry Lemonade: Pure strawberry cake with lemonade frosting.

Sweet Potato: Southern sweet potatoes and spices combined with cream cheese frosting or one of our elite buttercreams.

Tutti-frutti: A fruity flavor explosion radiates with each fluffy bite with fruity butter cream.

Vanilla: Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting.


Almond, Banana, Birthday, Buttercream, Butter-Rum, Chocolate, Glaze, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, Mandarin, Vanilla

Elite (additional charges apply)
Brown Sugar Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Fondant, Key-Lime, Pineapple, Lemonade, Royal Frosting, Swiss-Meringue, Tutti-Frutti


Chocolate Buttercream, Crushed Pineapple, Chocolate Chips, Raspberry Jam, Strawberries


Sparkles are the little unique adornments that make your treats custom to your tastes, event or color scheme, such as fondant or gum paste molds, sprinkles and other "sparkly" embellishments.

* All outfits (frostings) and sparkles (accessories) are available in custom colors.


Chocolate Chip ..................... per/dozen

Chocolate ............................. per/dozen

Sugar ................................... per/dozen

* All confections are customizable offering custom shapes, colors and embellishments.

For custom orders and special events, please e-mail us at info@sparklesweets.com and follow up with a phone call to 301.466.2604, so that we can go through your wishes step-by-step, we aim to please.